Films That Are Considered To Be Flawless

Since the inception of the kinetoscope, the movie industry has long evolved, invented by the Edison company in the early 1890s. The kinetoscope is a device that allowed a person to view a moving picture. It was only during the mid-1890s that the Lumiere Brothers were able to invent a device called the Cinematographe, which is basically a camera, a projector, and a film printer rolled into one neat gadget. Fast forward to the future – whether it’s on Netflix, drive-in cinemas, or actual movie theaters, there are tons of different ways to enjoy a good film. With so many movies to choose from, it sometimes becomes a chore to scroll through movie lists and choose one. Have you also ever wondered what the top movies made are? Well, lucky for you, we have compiled the Top 30 films of all time! What movies have you already watched from the list?  

The Wild Bunch